Your Time to Thrive Program (A 30-day online program)

There is nothing that you can’t be, do, or have. This program will help you create a new chapter filled with energy and hope. You’ll realize how powerful a creator you are. You will remove old beliefs, perceptions, and thoughts enabling you to move forward in achieving your dreams and desires. You’ll discover how to shift your mood from stressed to blessed. You’ll embrace the beautiful soul that is you and honor yourself enough to create a life that you’re passionate about living.

Are you ready for a more fulfilling, energized, and authentic life? Kick start the second part of your life by signing up for the “Your Time to Thrive” program today!


You’ll learn that you hold the key to create your own happiness. I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times, but I’m going to share with you some quantum physics to back it up!

Do you wake up dreading the day that lies ahead of you? If so, this module will teach you the secret to embracing each day.

In this session, I will show you how to start each day energized, excited, and prepared to maintain high spirits all day long.

If you’re longing for a life that’s filled with wonderful relationships, better health, financial freedom and more, I will show you how to unlock the creator in you.

Module 2

Discover how to break through the blocks that keep you stuck! Anything you haven’t accomplished is the result of five distinctive blocks. This week’s lesson will show you how to gain an awareness of what’s been holding you back so you can say goodbye to a life of settling and self-sabotage.

Module 3

To get things done and make your dreams a reality, you need to spend the majority of your time at a higher frequency. We live in a vibrational world; you will learn to spend the majority of your time feeling joyful, and grateful as opposed to sad, disappointed, and frustrated. Emotions have their own vibration. In module 3, I will teach you how to raise your vibration, shifting you into the zone of creation.

Say goodbye to stress and disappointment today!

Module 4

After this module, you’ll start to value yourself and know your self-worth. Learn that essentials of self-care and how to implement them.

In this module you'll explore that final key to allow joy to flow to you. You’ll tame your inner critic: the one that says “I’m not enough, I’m not lovable; I’m not worthy.”

For module 4, you will learn to create your very own vision board. You’ll get a list of supplies, but more importantly, you’ll receive clarifying exercises and centering meditation, making it a significant experience. I’m going to walk you through, step by step, how to create your board. At the end of the program you’ll have a visual reminder that reflects your desires.

Program includes:

Four recorded video sessions, once a week, and weekly worksheets to support each lesson.

Two live Q&A sessions once every two weeks. They will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

Access to a private Facebook group with like-minded women for support.


An additional month’s access to the private Facebook group, as well as 2 additional Q&A sessions.

Your investment for your future bliss is only $445.00 paid in full, or, if you prefer, 2 payments of $225.00.

Speaking with Dorie provided clarity to a situation I had been struggling with for some time. Her kind and empathetic nature made it easy for me to open up to her. Her thought-provoking questions helped me move forward in my life. I have gained personal insights and a deeper understanding on who I am and what’s important for me at this time in my life. I would not hesitate to recommend Dorie to anyone seeking a coach.
— Margaret J, New Jersey