Several years ago I lost everything not listening to my inner voice and not believing in my worth.  I called off my wedding but not before moving to another state, selling my home and quitting a job that I loved.  I ended up moving four times in 10 months.  Emotionally I was a wreck.  I was depressed and plagued with guilt.  I slowly got back on my feet again vowing to trust and honor myself.  I stopped making excuses and fulfilled my dream of becoming a coach.  I accomplished things I never thought I could.  I started my own business.  I let go of my belief that I couldn't write and was published on the first try.  I got over my fear of speaking in public. I auditioned and was chosen to speak at a Toastmaster conference.  I listened to my heart, and I ended a relationship with a great guy, knowing he's not my forever partner.   

I now consider myself blessed to be able to work with women on their journey of creating an abundant life filled with all the things that make them happy.  I have created a powerful program that is clear and concise so they can get to their goals quickly.   I help women understand and embrace the Divine power that resides in them.  They receive clarity on what brings them happiness.  They are empowered when they see that they can coach themselves through situations that would have sidelined them in the past.  They discover how to shift their energy to be in alignment with financial, spiritual and relationship abundance.  They will become a master at shifting their energy so they can be in alignment to all that they desire. 

“Life is waiting everywhere, the future is flowing everywhere, but only we see a small part of it and step on much of it with our feet. “
— Hermann Hesse

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